After the drawing, the erasing and the redrawing; after the ideation, the planning, and the making; after the struggle, the crumpling of paper and the giving up; after the art is recycled, the bell has rung and the apron is hung up; I make art out of their mistakes.

This series of collages is inspired by and created from scraps and remnants found in my classroom's recycling bin. Originally intended as a lesson to my students about perseverance, this project has become inspiration to revitalize my own artistic practice. My students' endless ideas, imaginations and wildly animated drawings have given me license to play, encouraged me to let go, and to forgive my own imperfections.

Jennifer Smith is the art teacher at Florida Mesa Elementary School in Durango, Colorado. Collages are for sale at the listed price. Jennifer also draws commissioned sharpie portraits, will create commissioned collages out of your kiddo's artwork, and teaches after school private art lessons.



Curriculum Vitae



Masters of Art in Teaching, K-12 Art Education

Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine, 2013


Bachelors of Art, German Studies / Art Studio

Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon, 2006


Exhibitions & Awards

Painting Live @ FUMC Durango

May/June 2018


Studio & Recess Gallery, Durango, Colorado

April 2018


Raider Ridge Cafe, Durango, Colorado

March 2018-May 2018


Studio & Gallery, Durango, Colorado

March 2017

"People's Choice Award"